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Ideas for Styling Your San Diego Side Yard

For most of us, having a luxury backyard oasis equipped for relaxing, swimming and entertaining is the dream. But sometimes our backyard just isn’t enough space for doing it all – or it doesn’t quite fit our goals. Why not use all the outdoor square footage around your house? There’s no reason to keep all the fun stuff and gorgeous furnishings on the back patio or front porch. Use these ideas for styling your San Diego side yard in a way you and your guests can truly enjoy.

Turn It into a Dining Area

Kenzo dining set from tropitone hausers patio
Placing a long dining set such as this kenzo set from tropitone in your side yard frees up space in the backyard

Depending on the configuration of your backyard or patio, it might not be an adequate size to handle a large dining table and chairs. Turn the corner and your side yard may be a better fit, since typically this area is long and narrow. To save space, consider placing a banquette along the fence/wall between your property and the neighbor’s. This way you can easily push the table up against the wall when not in use and still have room for a walkway. You might even consider placing your grill in the corner to make it easier to serve a meal.

Side Yard Seating

Outdoor sofa hausers patio
A long seating piece such as this opal sofa works nicely in your san diego side yard

Another idea for styling your San Diego side yard is to turn it into an intimate seating area. An outdoor sofa might be a perfect fit, or you could opt for benches and side tables. Be sure to cover the seating with a canopy or umbrella to make it dry and safe from the rain and sun. Add a small garden or flower pots and you’ve got a cozy little hideaway to enjoy a good book and a glass of wine.

Add a Water Feature

hausers patio
This fire and ice table from castelle is a beautiful and useful addition to your luxury backyard

Whether you decide to turn your San Diego side yard into a dining, seating area or something else, a water feature is always a welcome addition. This is an especially useful item if you live in a noisy neighborhood or you wish to mask the sound of an air conditioning unit. While ponds and waterfalls are always popular, have you considered a fire and ice table? This mesmerizing accessory creates just the right ambience for a small gathering in your upscale side yard.

Lounge Around

Seaside casual buffet hausers patio
This buffet from seaside is a great choice for a lounge area in a side yard

Out of all our ideas for styling your San Diego side yard, this one is our favorite. Combining several of the elements already mentioned, a lounge fitted into an expansive side yard makes it the perfect place for entertaining. Use shade structures and greens to create privacy and include lots of plush seating pieces. The centerpiece is a bar cart where you can store all your drinkware and bottles. Your side yard lounge becomes an intimate area for entertaining away from your main backyard oasis, perfect for small gatherings and festive events.

Why not use all the outdoor living space available at your home? These ideas for styling your San Diego side yard give you additional space to have fun and enjoy the beautiful landscape that is such a big part of our southern California lifestyle.

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