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What is the one thing that best characterizes our beautiful San Diego area environment? The ocean, of course. And what is the most iconic outdoor furniture group offered by the Brown Jordan company? The Wave Collection Brown Jordan, of course. Here are more reasons why these gorgeously designed pieces are perfect for your deck, patio or poolside recreation area.

Characteristics of the Wave Collection Brown Jordan

wave collection lounger brown jordan Hausers Patio

The Wave Collection Brown Jordan is best characterized by one word: sinuous. The award-winning design is meant to mimic the waves of the ocean as far as a sense of movement. Gaze at these pieces against a backdrop of the Pacific and you can easily see how the contoured, ribbon-like silhouettes seem to roll and flow with the motion of the ocean. The style is a perfect fit with contemporary, mid-century modern or transitional outdoor décor.

Outside of its obvious good looks, the Wave Collection is made with durability and comfort in mind. The frame is made of extruded aluminum and fashioned into broad, ergonomic seating surfaces. It is ideal for people of nearly any shape or size.

And with 14 different pieces, including dining chairs, swivel rocker, bar chair, motion and stationary lounge chairs, chaise, and dining table, there are plenty of ways to create a comfortable living area outside of your home.

A Unique Dining Experience

wave collection dining table brown jordan Hausers Patio

One of the most unique pieces in this collection is this dining table. Its triangle shape provides 75” of seats and can easily accommodate six diners using the glass surface. Can you imagine how fantastic this set would look in your backyard? Choose from either stationary or motion chairs to add comfort to the good looks of this dining set.

Customize Your Wave Pieces

wave collection chair brown jordan Hausers Patio

To make your outdoor furnishings from the Wave Collection blend in beautifully with the existing environment, you have several choices for customization.

There are 23 different finish options available for the extruded aluminum frame. The seating pieces incorporate a carbolic mesh material, which is exclusive to Brown Jordan and comes in six different colors. It’s a breathable fabric that gently cradles your body in ergonomic fashion for ultimate comfort.

You can also choose a padded option for the seating on pieces from the Wave group. The padded upholstery, made of Brown Jordan’s proprietary Parabolic stretch textile, provides ultimate comfort.

Wave is Perfect for Your San Diego Outdoor Living Space

wave collection dining brown jordan Hausers Patio

It is difficult to imagine a collection of outdoor furnishings whose design better suited to Southern California than Wave. Gorgeous, sophisticated style combined with ergonomic seating is a win-win. Add the truly unusual dining table with its triangular shape, along with lounge chairs and occasional tables and you’ve got a complete set of wow for your outdoor living space.

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