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In Part I of our posts about how to choose the best luxury outdoor seating, we examined the ways you use it, its functionality, dimensions, the importance of line of sight and the flow of your furnishings. In this second part of the series, we go over what the weather has to do with things, the types of materials to look for, how much maintenance is involved in keeping your seating looking its best and what to expect in terms of comfort levels.

What’s Weather Got to Do with It?

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For those of us living here on the Pacific coast, we know what to expect from our weather, at least for the most part. We can count on lots of humidity via sea breezes, fog, sunshine, wind, and – like it or not – pollution. All of these weather features go to work on your luxury outdoor seating in a negative manner, causing mold, mildew, sun rot and compromising the integrity of upholstery fabric. It is important when learning to choose the best luxury outdoor seating that you select sturdy and durable frames (heavyweight aluminum is always a good choice) and upholstery fabric formulated for a marine environment.


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As previously mentioned, the type of materials you choose make a big difference. While soft woods always look great, they could warp due to moisture retention and splinter during hot weather; the same is true of plastic, which does not hold up well under the punishing rays of the sun. Wrought iron tends to rust and painted surfaces can peel after repeated exposure to humidity. While no outdoor furnishings material is perfect, your best bet is to stick with hard wood, such as teak or ipe, stainless steel, synthetic resin, or concrete.

Upkeep and Maintenance

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Another question to ask yourself is how much effort you wish to put forth to maintain the good looks of your luxury outdoor seating. Painted or powder coated frames will have to be recoated from time to time. Synthetic materials are probably the easiest to care for, as a good scrub will usually do the trick. Wood – no matter what type, hard or soft – will also require regular refinishing. Cushions are sure to need replacement after several years of use and exposure to the weather. Of course, you do not need to perform outdoor furniture refurbishment yourself; Hauser’s Patio offers all the professional services you need to bring your luxury outdoor seating pieces back to life.

How Comfortable is It?

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Last but not least in our guide for how to choose the best luxury outdoor seating is comfort level. While most of us tend to think that plush sofas with deep cushions are the ultimate in luxurious comfort, there are other options. Lightweight synthetic slings are body conforming while ergonomic lounges are made to hit your body at just the right the points. Heavy metal furniture, such as a wrought iron patio chair, tends to be the least comfortable in terms of its inflexibility as well as its propensity to retain heat. Features such as chair arms, rocking or reclining seats and footrests all contribute to the comfort level of those relaxing in them.

Now that you have read through our guide on how to choose the best luxury outdoor seating, why not take a virtual tour through all the choices right here on our website?

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