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Could Your Home Use a Sunroom for Luxury Outdoor Living?

While there is one thing Southern California is not lacking – an abundance of sunshine – sometimes it makes sense to move the party indoors to escape the heat, rain or wind. But there’s no need to lose the gorgeous view from your backyard. By adding a sunroom (or lanai or Arizona room or screened porch), you will be able to enjoy luxury outdoor living year-round, no matter what the weather forecast holds. Here are a few design tips if this is a renovation you are contemplating for your home.

Types of Porches to Consider

Many companies offer sunroom construction for a room that is a perfect addition to your San Diego lifestyle. Because they are sheltered, but still provide ample sunlight and flow-through breezes, an enclosed porch or lanai could certainly be used year-round in our climate. This is an excellent way to escape the heat and insects without sacrificing the natural beauty found in your backyard landscape.

Your choices include overall square footage, framing material, roof options, flooring and whether to incorporate temporary or permanent wall/window enclosures with blinds or shades. Consider the ways you will use this outdoor room and consult with a professional about getting the addition of your dreams.

Sunrooms as Atriums

An Arizona room offers the perfect way to bring the outdoors in and make gardening a breeze. Whether you wish to add a bevy of beautiful blooms or a container garden for herbs and vegetables, your sunroom is the ideal location. By regularly misting your plants with water, you can also simulate the humid environment in which many exotic flowers like to grow.

Of course, you will need an appropriate place to display your green thumb efforts. Plant stands are always helpful, but why not also add a more sophisticated choice? The Island Estates Lanai end table by Tommy Bahama Outdoor, shown here, makes a lovely place to show off a large display of blooms. Be sure to create a seating arrangement around this centerpiece, so that you can easily enjoy the view inside your sunroom, as well as out.

Indoor Entertaining with Luxury Outdoor Living

Another advantage of adding a lanai to your home is that your parties will never be rained out, your hors d’oeuvres won’t be a picnic for flying insects and iced cupcakes won’t melt in the sun – in other words, this enclosed space is perfect for entertaining.

The key is furnishing your enclosed porch properly. Luxury outdoor living furniture is ideal, since sunshine and ocean spray may still affect the furnishings when windows and blinds are open. And that makes the timeless style and exceptional quality of the Island Estates Lanai Collection perfect for your indoor entertaining center.

Spread seating pieces and individual tables throughout the room for easy conversation. Add a dining set for comfortable dinner parties and perhaps a storage ottoman to stow blankets for when the sun goes down but you don’t want to lose the breeze and scent of ocean waves. Lounge chairs are perfectly appropriate indoors, too, for relaxing with a cocktail at the end of the night. Be sure to incorporate lots of pillows, with or without coordinating fringe, for the ultimate in soft seating.

Is There a Sunroom In Your Future?

If you are considering the addition of an Arizona room to your home, we invite you to consult with us about furnishing it with the classic good looks and extreme comfort of the Island Estates Lanai Collection from Tommy Bahama Outdoor.

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