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As another year comes to a close and the holiday season begins to wind down, many of us reflect back on recent months. This is the perfect time to think about the happy events and positive emotions that made up the moments of last year. It’s also a good time to consider goals for the new year. If you are concerned about making your home the place to create fond memories and bring together family and friends, then you may want to consider adding a safe gas fireplace to your indoor space and perhaps a gas fire pit to your outdoor living area. Here’s why.

The Lure of Flames

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There’s just something about a fire that is mesmerizing. In fact, few of us can look away from the flickering flames in a fireplace or dancing atop a candle. Some researchers suggest that it’s our need to produce and control flames to provide a source of warmth for our bodies and heat for cooking. Whatever the reason, we can all agree that people are attracted to flames. And that’s why adding a safe gas fireplace in your home and/or a gas fire pit outdoors is a great idea as far as bringing people together. A gas fireplace produces realistic flames that are comforting, mesmerizing and warm – all things that make us feel cozy, without the danger of getting burned.

Parties Aren’t the Same Without Flames

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Whether you are planning a party indoors or out, a safe gas fireplace is a must. For indoor parties, gathering around the flames is only natural. Other than the hottest days of summer, there are plenty of occasions when you will want a cozy fire burning indoors to take off a hint of chill and bring a cozy warmth to any room in the home. Of course, an outdoor gas fire pit is a piece you will use all year long. It lights up the darkest of nights, provides a steady flame for toasting marshmallows and allows you to enjoy your luxury outdoor living room even when temperatures dip to their lowest in the winter.

A Safe Gas Fireplace Dresses the Place Up

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With so many different styles and configurations, it’s easy to see how a gas fireplace insert or gas fire pit enhances the décor. Choose a pass-through gas fireplace with glass doors for a truly memorable addition to your indoor living room. Or, build a lovely brick surround for an outdoor gas fire pit that instantly becomes the focal point of your backyard or patio. Little details, such as opting for gorgeous, colored fire glass in the hearth, decorative grill surrounds and flame-proof metal pinecones and acorns add a special touch. Everyone will love congregating at your house when you dress things up with a gorgeous, safe gas fireplace.

Don’t let another year go by without planning special events and occasions to bring loved ones together. Add a gas fireplace insert or a cooking gas fire pit to your home to create shared memories around the hearth that last a lifetime.

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