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Is one of your New Year’s resolutions to start eating better? Then it’s time you started doing the cooking, instead of relying on fast food and restaurant takeout. But there’s no need to be tied to your stove, especially on a warm day. Take your culinary skills outside with a cooking gas fire pit.

What a Cooking Gas Fire Pit Includes

It all starts with a fire pit table, the place where you and your family and friends are sure to gather for cooking, relaxing and dining al fresco. Ours are made by Firetainment, a company well known for its quality products and innovative features. Each fire pit table is crafted with care and utilizes unique manufacturing procedures that ensure yours will be used year-round and easily withstand the weather. Each Firetainment gas fire pit can be converted to natural gas, if you prefer it over propane.

Firetainment round cooking fire pit table Hausers Patio

Next, add an optional cooking package. This package includes essential items for using your fire pit to cook healthy meals, such as a wind guard, cast iron griddle, Himalayan salt cooking blocks, thermometer, cooking mitts and even a Hibachi-style cooking station. Cook mounts from Firetainment are universal, so you can easily use other items to cook on your gas fire pit. You’ll be all set to experiment with meats, fruits and vegetables grilled outdoors to a tasty finish.

Cooking Gas Fire Pit Table Options

Firetainment Malibu cooking gas fire pit Hausers Patio

There are plenty of styles to choose from, and shapes from round to rectangular to square. Customize your fire pit table with the color and material (granite or pre-cast) of your choice. Then decide on the height of the base and pick out your preferred color for the beautiful fire glass that sparkles in the hearth. You are sure to find a combination of shape, color, height and material that looks right at home in your luxury outdoor living space. Even when not in use as a cooking station, a Firetainment gas fire pit table is a focal point due to its good looks and handsome styling.

A Cooking Gas Fire Pit is More Than Just a Fire

Firetainment Naples cooking fire pit Hausers Patio

Perhaps the best feature of a cooking fire pit is the way it provides entertainment in addition to warmth and a cooking surface. The Firetainment fire pit table is made for gathering good friends and family members who like to gather and eat delicious food. They will enjoy watching your skill or perhaps participating in the preparation as much as you enjoy hosting this fun get-together. Go beyond s’mores and hot dogs and use the cooking package to teach your loved ones how to enjoy cooking healthful meals outdoors.

Cooking Fire Pits Make Great Gifts

If you wish to spend more time with friends and family in the upcoming year, a cooking gas fire pit is a must-have addition to your luxury outdoor living space. If you already have one, consider gifting a cooking fire pit to a special loved one on your holiday list. It’s more than just a fire pit, it’s a way to bring people together and share a healthy meal anytime of the year.

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