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Fire Pits and Fire Tables to Use All Year Long, No Matter the Season

Of course, fire pits are enormously popular for the winter months in Southern California. But, with a bit of consideration for style and functionality, there’s no reason you can’t enjoy gorgeous fire pits and fire tables throughout the year. Here are our top picks for additions to your luxury outdoor living area you’ll love.

Like Moths to the Flame

Fire bowl luxury outdoor living by hausers patio

In our opinion, no outdoor living room is complete without some type of fire feature, whether that’s a fireplace, fire pit, fire table or fire urn. This is where a group of people naturally gravitate to converse and enjoy the mesmerizing sight of dancing flames. Yes, indeed, many of us may be social butterflies but when it comes to an outdoor fire, we are more like moths to the flame.

This is true, no matter the season. And with outdoor gas fire pits and fire tables, it is easy to keep the heat at a minimum while the attraction of the flames is maximized through the use of gorgeous backdrops, fire glass and accessories. Gas fire pits and fire tables are more about the ambience and emotional warmth they add to any outdoor space. They stand out by day as a gorgeous addition to a patio or deck while naturally becoming the focal point of any nighttime event.

Fire Pits and Fire Tables Serve Multiple Purposes

Outdoor dining fire table luxury outdoor living by hausers patio

Today’s fire pits are available in a large variety of shapes and sizes. They can be low to the ground, like a coffee table, or pub height, appropriate for use with barstools. But even more than that, fire tables are made for dining and entertaining. Even when the summer heat is upon us, fire pits and fire tables are a great place to gather, with or without the gas flames turned on. In other words, fire pits and fire tables are outdoor furnishings with uses beyond heat.

Casual fireside gas fire pit by ow lee luxury outdoor living by hausers patio
A tile hearth top fire pit

Unlike outdoor gas fireplaces, fire pits and fire tables are less expensive and easier to add to your outdoor living room décor. If you choose a style that can easily be moved – such as this one, which uses a propane tank for fuel – it allows for maximum versatility. They can be placed closer to the house during colder winter months and moved farther out on sultry summer nights.

Another way to ensure you use fire pits and fire tables all year long is for making s’mores and roasting marshmallows or hot dogs. This is always fun, no matter the season, but especially so over long, summer holiday weekends.

With a gas fire feature, there is no need to gather wood or smell like a campfire after igniting the flames. It is super quick and easy, with some models even available with a remote control feature. That makes them a superior choice in any season.

Casual fireside by ow lee luxury outdoor living by hausers patio
A gorgeous metal top fire pit from o W Lees casual fireside collection

And finally, with a gas fire table made for cooking, you are sure to find yourself using it every month of the year. A cooking fire table is the perfect way to make healthy food and enjoy dining alfresco throughout the seasons. Especially during hot months, it makes sense to cook outdoors rather than heating up your indoor space.

Fire Pits and Fire Tables Provide Year-Round Entertainment

While now is the perfect time to install fire pits and fire tables to heat your luxury outdoor living space, you can look forward to using them all year long, even in the hot months of a San Diego summer and fall.

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