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The Fascinating Story of Seaside Casual Patio Furniture

What do you get when you take a small, family-owned lumber company, plant it in New England and watch it grow? You get some of the finest outdoor furniture ever manufactured – and it is exceptionally well-suited to the southern California environment with its year-round sunshine, winds and sea spray. Here’s the fascinating story of how Seaside Casual outdoor collection came to be.

Humble Beginnings

It was shortly after the turn of the twentieth century, in 1911, when Kit and son Arthur Arnold founded the Arnold Lumber Company in Rhode Island. The business first functioned as a sawmill, but it grew quickly and expanded thanks to the owners’ strong work ethic and a good dose of foresight. It wasn’t long before the Arnold Lumber Company transitioned into a retail store, selling various items made from wood.

Gloster 802 adirondack seat luxury outdoor living by hausers patio
Gloster 802 adirondack

For the current owner of Seaside Casual, Art Jr., Grandpa Kit Arnold passed down everything necessary to excel in business. Using that same foresight his grandfather displayed, Art Arnold Jr. expanded the company to include patio furniture. It all started with a strong interest in making Adirondack chairs using the mahogany lumber from the Arnold Company door shop. The strong and comfortable chairs were first sold by a delivery truck driver to consumers in the area. These pieces soon became extremely popular – popular enough that Art needed to create a dedicated manufacturing and distribution space to produce the chairs in bulk. Later, they added additional outdoor pieces such as dining sets and stools.

Seaside casual dining set luxury outdoor living by hausers patio

Seaside Casual Grows Quickly

Of course, times have changed since those early years of the lumber company, and so has the way modern companies do business. Rather than relying on an unsustainable resource like mahogany to produce their chairs, Seaside Casual transitioned to HDPE lumber in 1999. This all-weather material is very dense and heavy. It is made from recycled substances such as plastic milk jugs that combine with solid pigments to ensure the color remains bright and fresh year after year. This proprietary, weatherproof material is called EnviroWood®.

Seaside casual barstools luxury outdoor living by hausers patio

But the Arnold family didn’t stop there in terms of innovation. It wasn’t enough to produce outdoor furniture that held up extremely well to heat and cold, wind and sun, and corrosive sea spray. The pieces had to look good, too. Along came Kate Arnold Carret, Art Jr.’s daughter, to provide innovative design elements. The pieces in Seaside Casual’s award-winning outdoor collections are now available in a variety of aesthetic designs and a beautiful array of bright colors.

Seaside luxury outdoor living by hausers patio

The Best Choice Today for San Diego Outdoor Living

Seaside luxury outdoor living by hausers patio

Today, Seaside Casual is still family-owned and operated in the state of Rhode Island. Their outdoor furniture is commercial-quality and crafted so it can remain outside year-round without breaking down. Of course, that’s perfect for homeowners in San Diego who spend lots of time on the back patio month after month. And that’s why Hauser’s Patio is proud to be the distributor of this well-made line of outdoor furnishings.

When you are committed to finding the best quality patio furniture made to hold up exceedingly well without any maintenance for years to come, the choice is clearly Seaside Casual for a luxury outdoor living space you are proud to own.

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