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Even though the weather tends to stay temperate throughout the year in Southern California, we are likely to experience wind coming off the Pacific and chilly temperatures after the sun goes down come winter. So, although we technically we live in an area that we can enjoy outside year round, it does not hurt to incorporate a few key details to make sure we stay toasty warm. Extend the outdoor season in your backyard oasis with these timely tips.

Let There Be Light

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When there are fewer hours of daylight to enjoy the outdoors, it is important to provide enough light extend the outdoor season – just enough but not too much – to ensure you can safely maneuver around the space. Outdoor lamps, chandeliers and string lights all do the job nicely without being too intrusive.

sunglo hanging heater Hausers Patio

If you want warmth to go along with the light, consider this Sunglo Hanging Natural Gas Heater. It can be placed unobtrusively under an eave or along a door frame. Its small size and classic style are sure to be a welcome addition to any backyard.

Season’s Plantings

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Now is the perfect time to display mums and plant bulbs for spring. You could also combine the task of pruning your trees and shrubs with an eye for decorative container arrangements and fall centerpieces. Snip willowy branches with colorful leaves to make an excellent addition to fall foliage arrangements tucked into glass or ceramic vases.

C’mon Baby Light Your Fire

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An outdoor fireplace is a welcome furnishing on any patio or porch this time of year. Whether you wish to install a gas outdoor fireplace with realistic logs or opt for a fire pit with glass or stone media, now is the perfect time to be beckoned by mesmerizing flames. Either option is a good one for Southern California as gas fire features are smokeless and can be used even on no-burn days.

Get Hygge With It

The Scandinavian term “hygge” refers to a cozy, comfortable quality in one’s home and lifestyle to promote contentedness and wellbeing. Fall and winter are the perfect seasons to practice hygge. Open flames, woolen socks, fluffy blankets and overstuffed pillows all contribute to a feeling of hygge and allow you to extend the outdoor season in your own home. Bonus points for choosing pillows and blankets in autumnal hues such as rust, goldenrod and pumpkin.

Jensen Nest side table Hausers Patio
When designing a seating arrangement like this, consider flow of movement to ensure your guests can easily get in and out.

Picture one of these Nest Swivel Lounge Chairs with a fluffy throw pillow and blanket for an idea of true hygge in your outdoor space.

Alfresco Dining

fire table Hausers Patio
Dining alfresco in winter is so much cozier around a fire pit.

Even though the temperature is dropping, you can still extend the outdoor season for dining by taking advantage of sunny days and space heaters. Intimate and cozy dining sets can be placed around a fire pit for an alfresco meal. Or, if you prefer to plan your holiday dinners outside, move the dining table and chairs in front of the fireplace or under the eaves of a back porch outfitted with Infratech slimline heaters.

Why not extend the outdoor season in your backyard, patio or porch with these tips for ultimate comfort this fall and winter?

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