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Entertaining in a Small Outdoor Space

If your backyard oasis is not overly spacious, you can still ensure that it does a great job of providing a relaxed and comfortable atmosphere for all your safe, socially distanced events. With a few key pieces and accessories, you can easily make entertaining in a small outdoor space a breeze. Use these tips to ensure your backyard is ready for holiday outdoor entertaining.

Make it Edgy

Outdoor sofa and loveseat luxury outdoor living by hausers patio

When you have a limited amount of square footage to work with, it is important to leave ample space for you and your guests to move around. The best way to do this is to keep the furnishings around the perimeter. This allows for plenty of places to sit but also plenty of open standing room without the need to elbow past sofas, chairs, plants and tables.

Make Every Piece Count

Tommy bahama wicker storage ottoman luxury outdoor living by hausers patio
This storage ottoman from tommy bahamas outdoor is a great place to prop your feet and also store blankets and pillows

When space is at a premium, you cannot afford to add outdoor furniture that only serves a single function. Things like ottomans that open up to reveal storage space are ideal as they can double as tables or seating. Small occasional tables are also a great addition as they can tuck into small corners and stack when not in use.

Make it Easy to Rearrange

It is not every day that you will be entertaining in a small outdoor space so there is no need to include lots of big furnishings that only get used occasionally. Instead of opting for extra chairs, try providing large throw pillows for lounging. It is easy to create an artfully casual look and rearrange them throughout the sapce as necessary. Big outdoor throw pillows also help you create a more intimate gathering place. And when the party is over, simply stow the pillows in a storage bin until they are needed again.

Make an Island Stand in for Tables

luxury outdoor living by hausers patio
This outdoor islandbar can serve multiple functions

Although it is nice to provide everyone their own patio table for food and drinks, you may not have enough room when entertaining in a small outdoor space. Opt for an island instead. This is another piece that does double or even triple duty as you can use the island for food prep, as a buffet and a beverage cart. Add barstools and you will have even more seating in your small backyard.

Make Room for Food Indoors

Here is another idea for maximizing your space: keep the food indoors. Not only does this keep the food safe from bugs and dirt, an indoor buffet does not take away from the sparse amount of square footage outside. Keep the line moving in one direction and, if possible, use separate entrance and exit doors.

Make it Round

Firetainment round cooking fire pit table luxury outdoor living by hausers patio
A round table such as this one with a fire pit is easier to incorporate in a small outdoor space

When your guests are ready to eat, give them a round outdoor dining table. A round table takes up less space than one that is square or rectangular and seats more people. The round shape also helps to make the limited space on your deck visually more open.

With these tips, entertaining in a small outdoor space will be more enjoyable and allow you to safely plan your next holiday event with peace of mind.

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