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How to Enjoy Autumn in San Diego with Gas Fireplaces

It’s finally here – the season that many of us enjoy the best. Yes, it’s autumn in San Diego and that means weather changes that are unique to our southern California climate. Here are our suggestions for living life to the fullest in autumn.

Beach Weather

While the ocean water temps drop sharply this month, one thing that brings a ray of sunshine is the dissipating marine layer. Early morning summer fog is expected but by fall, the skies are clearer and we get to enjoy brilliant sunshine sparkling on the water. When visiting the beach, don’t forget to look for leopard sharks on their migration southward.

Vented gas fireplace luxury outdoor living by hausers patio

After a day on the water or at the beach, snuggle up at home in front of a gas fireplace. It’s easy to start and quickly warms a room. Our nighttime temperatures can be chilly but a gas fireplace with realistic logs and flames creates a cozy atmosphere, no matter the evening’s weather.

Hot Drinks and Apple Desserts

If you’ve recently visited one of the outlying towns and picked up some fresh apples, take advantage of their sweet crispness. Along with pumpkin spice, apples are the quintessential autumn in San Diego flavor.

After dinner, try sipping a hot drink with a slice of apple pie. This is when the family gathers around the gas fireplace for a lovely, warm end to the day.

Gas fireplace decorative accessories luxury outdoor living by hausers patio

Why not add some visual interest to truly enjoy autumn in San Diego with gas fireplaces by using flame-proof decorative accessories such as acorns or pinecones to the hearth? If your style is more modern, consider trading out the logs in your gas fireplace for glass gems, geo shapes or river rocks. Either way, you are sure to create a mesmerizing view for the whole family while enjoying toasty warmth and a fall-inspired snack.

Gas fireplace burner for gems glass luxury outdoor living by hausers patio

Soft, Glowing Lights

Even if the Santa Ana winds put a kink in your dreams of a cool and bright autumn in San Diego day, the nights are continually getting shorter. An outdoor fire pit is the perfect way to herald in the twilight hours. But after dark, move things inside and enjoy a gas fireplace that lights instantly, burns cleanly and looks gorgeous in your home. This is the time for subtle mood lighting and the flicker of flames from your indoor fireplace as the only illumination to help you truly enjoy the dark of nightfall on a crisp fall night.

Gas fireplace indoor fireplaces luxury outdoor living by hausers patio

Autumn in San Diego with Gas Fireplaces is a Season to Savor

Although autumn in San Diego with gas fireplaces may not look quite as spectacular as other regions across the country, there is plenty to savor in this season. Be prepared to enjoy the cooler nights and shorter days by selecting an indoor gas fireplace guaranteed to bring you years of comfort and cozy and warmth. At Hauser’s Patio, we install your gas elements or help you upgrade your wood burning fireplace with gas hearth products.

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