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You may have everything just so in your outdoor living room: gorgeous landscaping, high-end furnishings, lots of lighting, fire features and even outdoor artwork and lamps. But your décor would not be complete without a patio umbrella or two or three or more. A patio umbrella provides shade just where you need it and that is a very important feature of any backyard oasis. Plus, there are plenty of options and features available. Take a look at all the ways and places you can add a patio umbrella to your yard.

Patio Furniture with Umbrella

Treasure Garden umbrella Hausers Patio
This Treasure Garden patio set with umbrella in a beautiful coral shade is a perfectly shaded intimate dining set

If you are shopping for new luxury outdoor furniture, consider a patio set with umbrella. This is an easy way to add a coordinated look to your backyard. An outdoor patio table with umbrella often includes a set of deep seating chairs upholstered in your choice of durable fabric and comes with a table umbrella with matching shade. Opt for a Sunbrella deck umbrella and you can rest assured that the shade fabric will stand up easily to various types of weather, such as sea spray, sun, rain and wind.

Outdoor Table with Umbrella

square patio umbrella table Hausers Patio
A small patio umbrella table like this can go anywhere in your backyard

You don’t need to order an entire matching set when you are searching for a way to add a shade feature to your patio or deck. Outdoor furniture with umbrella options include small, side tables or occasional tables that feature a place to thread the umbrella pole through. You can choose from a round patio table with umbrella hole or rectangular patio table with umbrella hole, depending on which shape best fits into your existing seating areas and landscaping – no need to opt for a big outdoor dining set.

A More Permanent Yard Umbrella

swimming pool in villa hotel trisara phuket thailand Hausers Patio
A cantilever shade umbrellas lets you put the shade right where you need it and permanently install it there

If you don’t want or need patio furniture with umbrella, another option is to add a yard umbrella that is installed right in the ground, wood patio deck or concrete pool deck. There are plenty of outdoor umbrellas that are sold as shade features with available mounting kits. This allows you to choose from various styles, such as a market umbrella, cantilever umbrella or even sail shades that can be installed anywhere in your backyard oasis.

Mobile Outdoor Umbrellas

umbrella base with wheels Hausers Patio
An umbrella base with wheels allows you to move the shade where you need it most

Yet one more option for a patio umbrella is one that is mobile. A patio umbrella on wheels is the ideal way to use a single shade feature that can easily be moved from one spot to the next, depending on where you are relaxing and from which direction the sun’s rays are shining. You could even purchase an umbrella base with wheels to add to an existing yard umbrella in order to extend its usability.

With all these styles and features available in the patio umbrella type of your choice, it’s easy to see that your luxury outdoor living room would not be complete with one or several shade features. Ready to buy patio umbrella? We invite you to shop from our large patio umbrella selection online and find one that fits your backyard oasis perfectly.

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