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Now is the time to get outdoors and enjoy the great spring weather in San Diego. For most of us, that means relaxing on the back deck while enjoying a mouthwatering barbecue, a carefully crafted cocktail or a spectacular sunset. But chances are your backyard oasis could use a bit of a refresh in the way of new outdoor furniture. If that is the case, consider the Brown Jordan Calcutta Collection to dress up your deck in tropical style.

About the Brown Jordan Calcutta Collection

Brown Jordan is the gold standard when it comes to luxury outdoor furnishings designed in classic styles. Their high quality pieces are made from durable aluminum and upholstery options specifically designed to withstand the sometimes brutal Southern California sun and sea spray.

Calcutta chair with loose cushions Hausers Patio

With the Brown Jordan Calcutta Collection, expect nothing less than the superior construction that is the hallmark of this company’s outdoor furniture lines. This collection is actually based on one originally created in 1967 by Hall Bradley. It is inspired by classic Chippendale lines and reimagined with today’s expert manufacturing and design techniques. The seating pieces in the Calcutta collection are characterized by an exotic bamboo pattern and graceful, tapered legs. There are several options for tables: glass or cast tops, small to large sizes, a slot for an umbrella and a stylish “x” brace that furthers the tropical vibe.

Tips for Using Brown Jordan Calcutta Collection to Dress Up Your Deck

Using these elegantly designed pieces to dress up your deck is simple. Here are a few design tips to help you incorporate Calcutta furnishings to achieve your goals.

Calcutta bistro table Hausers Patio

How Do Use Your Backyard Oasis?

The first consideration is the activities you typically engage in outdoors. Is it just you and a spouse who enjoy reading, cocktail hour and intimate nights in front of a fire? Or do you have a passion for entertaining and expect lots of guests to visit your home throughout the summer? Perhaps you’ve got kids who often invite friends over for pool parties and games. Each of these scenarios requires different outdoor furnishings and accessories.

Make Sure the Seating is Super Comfy

Calcutta chaise lounge with rollers Hausers Patio

You won’t ever use your luxury outdoor living room unless it has plush and plentiful seating. This is where it’s easy to choose pieces from the Brown Jordan Calcutta Collection. There are plenty of chairs with deep upholstery, which is available in a wide variety of colors and patterns. In our opinion, a couple of chaise lounges are de rigeur for any backyard deck. Be sure to add lots of throw pillows, not only for a pop of bright color, but to add to your comfort. Plus, replacing pillows is an easy way to update your outdoor furnishings next year.

Add Outdoor Furniture that Makes Your Deck Feel like a Room

Calcutta ottoman Hausers Patio

Don’t forget about the little things that make a big difference when it comes to comfort and functionality. We’re talking about things like occasional tables sprinkled throughout seating arrangements, a bistro table and chairs to enjoy your morning coffee, an ottoman to rest your feet and an umbrella for your outdoor dining table to keep the elements at bay.

The Brown Jordan Calcutta Collection makes it easy to dress up your deck and get it ready to use every day – no matter how you and your family enjoy time outdoors.

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