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Hauser’s Patio is pleased to introduce a new way for you to get the beautiful, custom umbrella you need to top off the décor in your luxury outdoor living room. It’s as easy as clicking on the options you desire, right here on our website. You do not even need to visit our extensive showroom – although we’d love to be able to help you in person. But if you know what you want and you are pressed for time, you can easily order your own custom umbrella online in seconds and have it shipped straight to your home. Here’s what you need to know about this fantastic new website feature.

What Umbrellas Can You Customize Online?

Treasure Garden umbrella Hausers Patio

All of the lovely shade umbrellas in our line of Treasure Garden products are available for sale online. And all of them allow you to customize at least one or more features. So no matter if you are looking for a cantilever umbrella, a tilting umbrella, a stationary umbrella or one that is fit for commercial use, you have plenty of options to make it look exactly as you’d like. You can choose from an octagonal or rectangular shape in most styles, as well.

What Features Can You Design For Your Custom Umbrella Online?

This really depends on the umbrella you choose. Let’s take a look at one popular custom umbrella that you can order online with plenty of options for design: the Polaris Cantilever Umbrella. This is a commercial grade shade feature that is quite durable but also beautiful.

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This custom umbrella online is a wonderful choice for a luxury outdoor living area that needs the ability to move shade in different directions. It is available in three different sizes – from just over 9’ to 11’ in diameter – so it provides adequate shade coverage around the pool, on a backyard deck or across an open patio.

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The canopy of this custom umbrella is crafted from marine weight Sunbrella fabric, specifically manufactured to stand up to the rigors of our Pacific coastal weather. Whether it’s sun, wind or sea spray, Sunbrella material ensures that your custom umbrella looks and functions perfectly for years. Choose from 52 gorgeous, bright colors sure to complement your outdoor décor. Add a valance if you prefer the extra shade coverage and a bit of design flair.

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Next, determine where your customized umbrella will find a home. This determines the type of base required for installation. You have a choice to make your umbrella freestanding, so it can move wherever you desire, or mounted in-ground as a stationary fixture.

Take a Look at Each Custom Umbrella Online

The Polaris Cantilever Umbrella made by Treasure Garden is just one of the options you have here at Hauser’s Patio to design a custom umbrella online. Browse through all the models and have fun picking and choosing the features and fabric you want for your new outdoor shade structure.

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