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Outdoor furnishings company Treasure Garden is known as “The World’s Favorite Shade.” This is based on their commitment to providing the best quality products, the latest innovations in manufacturing and materials and a focus on gorgeous yet functional design. After basking in the San Diego sun, a Treasure Garden shade umbrella provides comfortable area to cool down in your luxury outdoor space.

Treasure Garden: a Responsive and Growing Company

Sure, you can get an umbrella for your backyard anywhere. But what Treasure Garden provides that others don’t are handcrafted, custom-made shade solutions. They utilize the latest technological advances to produce durable, finely detailed umbrellas topped with a wide array of vibrant colors and trendy fabrics.

Treasure Garden was founded in 1984 by Oliver Ma. Ma actually apprenticed in the art of umbrella construction at a very young age. His strong work ethic and attention to detail has paid off by placing his company ahead of the competition. For five years in a row, Treasure Garden has been honored by the International Casual Furniture and Accessories Market in receiving their annual Manufacturer Leadership Award in the Shade Category.

Treasure Garden Shade Solutions

Treasure Garden has earned an excellent reputation doing one thing and only one thing, extremely well. And that is crafting beautifully designed umbrellas that are made to withstand our Southern California weather, such as intense sun and heat, salty coastal sea spray and wind and rain.

There three types of Treasure Garden umbrellas: cantilevered, market and specialty (which are custom-made to offer shade solutions for nearly any outdoor application).

Cantilever Treasure Garden Umbrellas

Perhaps the biggest advantage of choosing a Treasure Garden cantilever umbrella is that you have loads of options to make it exactly perfect for your luxury outdoor space.

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Choose Your Shape

Choose between three different shapes: octagon, square or rectangular. Which one will work best for your space? Base your decision on the area that needs to be shaded. How big is it and where will the umbrella be placed? All of Treasure Garden’s cantilever shades rotate 360 degrees for the most complete coverage; the shape and size will influence just how far that protection reaches.

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Choose Your Fabric

Another choice you have is the canopy and valance. These are available in a wide array of gorgeous colors and patterns. The canopies are vented or regular, depending on the wind strength in your outdoor space. The valance can be trimmed with accent colors and patterns for a striking design of your choice. Treasure Garden provides a rainbow of colors, tons of textures and a plethora of patterns to customize your umbrella.

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Choose the Finish and Base

Next, choose a finish and a base. There are several different frame colors, depending on the cantilever style you select. The bases are sold separately. Just pick the style, shape, material and type of base that fits in with your outdoor décor – and stays put in extra-gusty winds.

If you’d like, add a 24- or 36-LED light umbrella light that fits around the center support so you can keep your outdoor party going all night!

Treasure Garden umbrellas bring a pop of color in a highly functional shade solution to any size or shape of outdoor living space. Why not customize one for your backyard or patio today?

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