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Some of the most intense sunshine and steamy temperatures occur in late summer in the San Diego area. That is why it is important to keep yourself protected from the sun’s rays by regularly applying sunscreen and providing lots of shaded areas for relief in your backyard. Outside of the ordinary patio umbrella, here are a few clever cover ups for your outdoor living room sure to look great and provide protection at the same time.

Canvas Canopy

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Barlow Tyrie Sail Butterfly Sunshade canvas canopy.

When you have a sizable area to cover up, a large canvas canopy such as this Sail Butterfly Sunshade by Barlow Tyrie, which is a generous 16.5’ x 1,0’ (there is a smaller size available, as well), is just the ticket. It is long enough to provide shade for most outdoor dining tables and sofas and thus a much easier option that trying to find and combine more than a single tilt umbrella. Its sturdy base will ensure that this canvas canopy won’t go flying off in a strong wind and its white shade color and transitional style are sure to go with any style of décor.

Cleverly Designed Daybed

Hausers Patio
Monterey Siesta Daybed by Patio Renaissance

If you wish to provide more personalized cover ups for your outdoor living room, a comfy daybed such as this Monterey Siesta Daybed fits the bill. With just enough room for you and your significant other or mom and dad plus child, a daybed takes up little ground space but really makes a statement in your outdoor living room. Equipped with plenty of plush pillows and a sturdy canvas cover that can be pushed back when not in use, this daybed is sure to become your favorite place to hang out, especially on a warm and sunny southern California day.

Luxurious Lounging

Hausers Patio
This Mercury Lounger by TUCCI features a comfy daybed.

When it comes to clever cover ups for your outdoor living room, it is hard to beat the gorgeous design and functionality of the Mercury Lounger by TUCCI. This made in America cabana has everything going for it, from a deeply cushioned lounging daybed with bolsters to a full, pagoda-style cover and sheer curtains that provide protection on all sides. This is sure to be a popular place, especially after a refreshing dip in the pool.

Perfect Pavilion

Hausers Patio
You can even install a TV in this expansive Atlantis Pavilion from TUCCI

If you are not looking to add another outdoor seat to your backyard, try covering the pieces you already have with this great looking Atlantis Pavilion from TUCCI. It features a vented canopy and side panels that can be tied back. This pavilion even comes with an electrical conduit and a place to hang a ceiling fan and television set. Talk about luxury! This pavilion is sturdily crafted, too, and of commercial quality that means it will last for years while holding up nicely to all weather conditions.

When it comes to clever cover ups for your outdoor living room, try one of these exciting options rather than a traditional umbrella or parasol. Not only do these pieces provide protection from sun and rain, they are designed to make your backyard oasis stand out from the crowd.

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