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How does your home look when viewed from the front? Even if you do not plan on sticking a “for sale” sign in the front yard anytime soon, a guest’s or new neighbor’s first impression of your home starts with what they see out front. It won’t hurt that you’ll be thrilled by new changes to amp up the curb appeal of San Diego homes such as yours when you pull into the driveway, as well. There is no need to plan a major renovation for your front porch and yard this summer. In fact, just a few little added details will make a big difference.

Add a Front Porch Swing

Classic adirondack by seaside casual luxury outdoor living by hausers patio

Nothing looks more homey or natural than a porch swing. In days past, this is where most homeowners spent their time in the lazy summer months, sipping a beverage and waving to passers-by. Although our society has changed immensely since those simpler days, a front porch swing is still an iconic furnishing that is sure to get used. Plus, adding a swing with lots of colorful pillows and a deep, comfy seat cushion is an invitation for neighbors – even those you haven’t yet met – to stop by and sit for a spell.

Add Front Porch Accessories

luxury outdoor living by hausers patio
This comfy chair and side table are a great size for your San Diego front porch.

A front porch is just an extension of your home’s interior, when it comes right down to it. Just like your backyard oasis, think about decorating your front yard with many of the accessories and furnishings you enjoy inside your home. We’re talking about adding a piece of artwork to the wall(s), placing an occasional table with table lamp next to the swing (or chairs) and laying down a colorful rug. If you plan on spending a lot of time on the front porch, you may want to add a small fire pit or even a fire and ice element to add to the curb appeal of San Diego homes; just be sure that it is safely and properly installed.

Spiff Up the Front Yard

Pathway lights luxury outdoor living by hausers patio

Go beyond the confines of your front porch and continue your refurbishing efforts in the yard. Solar lights lining the pathway to the front door not only increase curb appeal of San Diego homes , they serve a real function by lighting a guest’s way at night. Add a bird bath so you can enjoy watching local bird species splash about. Wind chimes and other decorative hanging elements are perfect to dress up the eaves of your home. A water sculpture both soothes with the sound of running water and provides an additional visual point of interest.

Move Items From the Backyard to the Front

Treasure garden umbrella luxury outdoor living by hausers patio
This Treasure Garden umbrella in a beautiful coral shade is just the thing to perfectly shade an intimate dining set.

There is no law that says certain outdoor furnishings have to remain in the backyard. We’re referring to items such as a shade umbrella, outdoor sofa, outdoor heater and bar set with stools, to name just a few. As long as these items have a natural setting in which to reside, why not create outdoor seating or dining areas in the front yard? Especially if your view is better from the front, wrap luxurious furnishings all the way around the house for best use of all your outdoor space.

The curb appeal of San Diego homes is easy to enhance with the right furnishings, accessories and all the little items that provide maximum comfort.