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This month we are showcasing one of our more popular outdoor furniture manufacturers: Patio Renaissance. With a mission to help American families achieve an outdoor space that resembles a model home or resort, Patio Renaissance produces fine patio furniture at affordable prices. Here is what you need to know about the outdoor furniture San Diego residents choose time and time again for their luxury backyard oases.

About Patio Renaissance

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Founded in 1992, Patio Renaissance now has three decades of experience in designing and creating patio furniture San Diego area homeowners find to be both durable and lovely. Their research and development team uses innovation to constantly develop new prototypes of furnishings that are made in a cost-effective manner. Their qualify department ensures that the company has one of the lowest defect rates in the industry.

Outdoor Furniture Material

Patio Renaissance furniture is mostly made from two different types of materials: aluminum and all weather wicker.

Aluminum Patio Renaissance Furniture

Patio Renaissance aluminum frames Hausers Patio

Most Patio Renaissance furniture starts with an aluminum frame. This is the preferred material due to its ability to withstand natural elements and weather conditions. They use a commercial grade of aluminum extruded into tubes and strips of a robust minimum gauge. The work to bend, stamp, weld and powder coat aluminum frames is all done in their own production sites.

All Weather Wicker

Patio Renaissance weather wicker Hausers Patio

Another material that Patio Renaissance furniture is often constructed with is all weather wicker. This durable material is made from the finest qualify polyethylene pellets available mixed with UV stabilizers and anti-aging compounds. This means that any pieces made from all weather wicker are specifically designed to withstand most elements, weather and even common airborne pollutants. Using polyethylene wicker materials allows Patio Renaissance to produce a wide variety of colors and textures. The weaving is done by hand, which results in beautifully crafted all weather patio furniture of the highest quality.

Patio Renaissance Furniture Collections

While Patio Renaissance offers many different styles of outdoor furniture San Diego residents typically prefer the Monticello, Catalina, and Antigua collections for their luxury backyard retreats.


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Named for and inspired by Thomas Jefferson’s plantation of noted architectural design, Patio Renaissance furniture in the Monticello collection is meant to evoke a sense of relaxing beneath palm trees on a warm, breezy day. This patio furniture in San Diego is an ideal match, with its woven patterns, classic sophistication, and timeless, renaissance design. Not only do they look great, but Monticello seating pieces are also made with comfort in mind and designed for lasting appeal.


Patio Renaissance woven furniture Catalina Hausers Patio

Designed specifically for our California lifestyle, the Catalina collection from Patio Renaissance capitalizes on our proximity to the ocean and a true desire to achieve a coastal vibe. This collection is also made from all weather woven wicker. Pieces from the Catalina collection are available in sizes to enhance intimate seating arrangements or to furnish a large, open space for social interaction and entertaining. The timeless design is sure to enhance any San Diego outdoor space.


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Imagine yourself on a warm West Indies Island feeling gentle ocean breezes caress your skin and you’ve got exactly the right mindset for adding pieces from the Antigua Patio Renaissance furniture collection to your patio or deck. Combining curved lines with unmatched craftsmanship, this patio furniture in San Diego is an ideal pairing. Durable and inviting, the classic sophistication of this line of patio furniture is as welcome as an island vacation.  

Patio Renaissance furniture is one of our featured suppliers due to their attention to detail, high quality, and ongoing innovation.

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