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There are many types of outdoor furnishings on the market, making it difficult to determine the best style for your luxury backyard oasis. One of our favorites is sling patio furniture. There are several features of sling furniture that make this style superior to others. Let’s take a look.

Durable Material

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While it may look like any other piece of fabric, high-quality sling material is specifically constructed to be weather resistant. Slings are made from durable material that resists staining, discoloration, aging, wear and tears. Even the threads used to sew sling fabric are specially designed to be just as durable and resistant to weather.

Most sling patio furniture is constructed with aluminum frames. Powder coating makes aluminum frames even more durable and scratch resistant. They easily withstand adverse weather conditions such as abrasive sand, the sun’s UV rays and mold or mildew.

Easy to Maintain

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Aluminum is a great choice for outdoor furnishings as it is nearly carefree in terms of maintenance. The aluminum frame and the sling fabric can both be cleaned with a mild detergent solution, such as our proprietary outdoor furniture and fabric cleaner. If your aluminum frame is powder-coated, a thin coat of automotive wax will help it look brand new after cleaning. And since the sling fabric allows water to flow through and it dries quickly, you need not worry about mold or mildew.

Stays Cool

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Sling patio furniture is a cool choice on a hot summer day. Unlike webbing for lawn chairs, vinyl straps or wrought iron pieces, sling furnishings allow for greater air flow, preventing your legs from sticking to the seat.

Lightweight and Easy to Store

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Sling patio furniture is easy to store.

Generally, sling patio furniture is very lightweight due to the aluminum frame and fabric seating as opposed to wood, wrought iron, or other materials typically used for outdoor furnishings. This makes it easy to rearrange on a whim or store away when not needed. Even though it is easy to move, sling patio furniture is still very secure in wind and rainstorms and provides stable seating for your you and your guests.

Water Permeable

As previously mentioned, slings are water permeable. Cushions tend to capture water and are prone to mold and mildew. Those standing water puddles can also harbor microorganisms and cause discoloration. Because slings dry so quickly, the seats are ready to use shortly after a rainstorm passes.

Easy to Rehab

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Whether your sling patio furniture has seen better days, or you just want a new look for your outdoor living area, patio chair sling replacement is fairly easy. While you can do it yourself by providing Hauser’s Patio with the dimensions of your piece’s sling fabric so we can make a replacement piece, we can also do the entire sling chair replacement for you and ensure that the aluminum frame is in good condition. We offer dozens of different colors and patterns to make your sling patio furniture look fresh and new again in no time.

When it comes to patio furniture slings San Diego has an outdoor store that sells the best and provides quality service to rehab your pieces: Hauser’s Patio. We invite you to browse through our wide selection of sling patio furniture online or visit our showroom to see the hundreds of beautiful pieces we carry in store.

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