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Even when things aren’t bright and cheery in life, we can create a bright and cheery color environment in the backyard oasis of our home. After all, this is the place where we go to enjoy the coastal outdoors in the San Diego area, to relax and entertain, to enjoy a bit of peace and quiet from the hectic parts of our lives. Pops of vibrant color help to enhance the natural beauty all around us. Here are our suggestions to add colorful pieces and accessories in your outdoor living room.

Go With a New Color Scheme

luxury outdoor living by hausers patio

Maybe it is time to go with something new and fresh in your backyard oasis. If that is the case, think about a new color scheme that would enhance the natural beauty of your outdoor living room. If you need ideas about where to start, consider your favorite color. Then look for the hue opposite of it on the color wheel. For instance, turquoise blue and Chinese orange, which are opposite each on the color wheel, is a naturally beautiful combination. You can use these, plus a third accent color to use sparingly such as lime green to easily selection upholstery fabric and flowers and plantings.

Outdoor Umbrellas

Treasure garden umbrella luxury outdoor living by hausers patio
This treasure garden umbrella uses colors and pattern to tie it into the surrounding furnishings and landscape

One of the easiest ways to add both sun protection and a big, bright splash of color on your patio or deck is with an outdoor umbrella. You can either opt for a solid canopy in a bold hue, such as orange, lemon yellow, cherry red, deep purple or cobalt blue. Or you could choose to combine several of your favorite colors in a stripe or other fun pattern. Either add a new outdoor umbrella or take the one you already own and have us replace the canopy with new material in a bright and cheery color.

Seating Pieces

luxury outdoor living by hausers patio
These gorgeous chairs show how easily you can mix and match colors

Perhaps the biggest focus in your outdoor living room are the seating pieces, including lounge chairs, sofas, dining chairs and ottomans. If you wish to make a truly dramatic impact with color, then replacing the upholstery on these pieces or adding a variety of throw pillows is a great place to start. Choose outdoor throw pillows covered in a cheery pattern, such as big, bold florals, a fun paisley or thick stripes.

Seaside casual adirondack chairs luxury outdoor living by hausers patio

Then again, the seating pieces themselves can be a great source of extra color. Adirondack chairs, such as the ones shown here from Seaside Casual, are available in several different bright hues. Accessorize them with pillows and perhaps an outdoor rug for even more pizzazz.

Make the Old New Again

Refurbish rusty furniture luxury outdoor living by hausers patio
We can completely refresh your outdoor pieces with new powder coating and straps

If you have some older metal seating pieces that are beginning to rust or the paint starting to flake, these can easily be refinished. You can do it yourself with a can of rust preventative spray paint or you can let Hauser’s Patio do the job for you, from sandblasting it clean to applying a fresh powder coating and finishing with a protective finish that will last for years to come. Either way, you can easily transform metal chairs into something worthy of attention with a fresh coat of bright and cheery paint color.

There’s no better way to instantly make your mood more positive than to be surrounded by bright and cheery in your backyard oasis.