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With Valentine’s Day coming soon, we thought it appropriate to focus an article this month on romance. Yes, love is in the air, and it will be even easier to treat yourself and someone special to a romantic evening when you install an outdoor gas fireplace in your luxury outdoor living space.
  1. An Outdoor Gas Fireplace is Your Hot Tub’s Best Friend

Fire urns luxury outdoor living by hausers patio Do you and your significant other enjoy spending cool winter nights in San Diego relaxing in jets of thermal bubbles? This is the perfect time of year to spend the end of the day in a heated tub, letting the jets spray your aches away. But as we all know, getting out of the hot tub means stepping right into a cool blast of air. Rather than putting a damper on your evening, getting out of the hot tub can be just as relaxing as staying in it. The key is installing an outdoor gas fireplace nearby. Simply flip a switch to get the flames and warmth going before you slip into the hot tub. Make sure there are lots of plush rugs and comfy seating with deep upholstery in front of the fireplace for the perfect place to snuggle up after a soak.
  1. Dining Outdoors is Romantic

  Reclaimed wood fire pit luxury outdoor living by hausers patio Are you planning a romantic dinner for you and your sweetheart this Valentine’s Day – or any other day? There’s just something about eating in the fresh air of your backyard, at a table lit with candles and set with fine china, that screams romance. Add a bucket of champagne and a fresh floral arrangement and the scene is set for love. But wait…it gets downright chilly at night. Add an outdoor gas fireplace and you’ll be toasty warm as you enjoy a gourmet meal al fresco. Plus, it’s easy to use, clean and quick to heat up. Now there’s something to toast to.
  1. Cuddling Outdoors is the Perfect After Dinner Activity

Outdoor gas fireplace luxury outdoor living by hausers patio Perhaps you and your significant other are making plans to go out and celebrate Valentine’s Day this year with dinner and a show. What better way to relax after an exciting night of entertainment than by sinking into the plush cushions of an outdoor love seat and enjoying a hot cup of coffee. Make it even more special with an outdoor gas fireplace to keep your tootsies toasty. That outdoor fireplace is also a great place to make s’mores for dessert while the two of you are mesmerized by dancing flames.
  1. Stargazing With Your Sweetie

  Outdoor patio with heating solution luxury outdoor living by hausers patio If your idea of fun runs more to the astronomical, a night of stargazing while lying on a layer of blankets in the backyard may be just the ticket for romance at your house. The light from an outdoor gas fireplace is just enough to make it safe without interfering with the magnificent sight of billions of twinkling stars and planets in the solar system. And it doesn’t hurt that the fireplace provides a touch of warmth on a chilly night.
  1. Glamping at Home

  Outdoor firefall fireplace luxury outdoor living by hausers patio The trend of glamping – glamorous camping with all the comforts of home – is still a popular one. But there’s no need to get in the car and drive beyond the city limits to enjoy this romantic activity. Remember how fun it was to sleep in a tent in the backyard when you were a kid? Why not recreate that fun with your sweetheart? Grab a sleeping bag, light a fire in the outdoor gas fireplace, roast hot dogs and take a night away from all the noise of electronic devices. Focusing solely on each other amid a backdrop of dancing flames is a surefire way to rekindle romance. Romance is easier with the ambience and warmth of an outdoor gas fireplace.
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