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3 Tips for Organizing Your Deck

With so many of us enjoying the outdoors as much as possible these days, it is only natural to think of your deck as an extension of your indoor living space. And just as you would not want to live in a messy, cluttered house, neither should your deck be strewn with gardening tools, furniture in disrepair or stacks of items that are not used on a regular basis. These 3 tips for organizing your deck will transform it into the perfect place for entertaining and relaxing.

Stow Your Stuff in a Storage Chest

Storage bench luxury outdoor living by hausers patio

Perhaps the most popular and common way to organize your outdoor belongings is with a storage chest. Made from various materials and available in several sizes, a spacious outdoor storage chest is the ideal place to corral lots of different items. Pool toys and accessories, lawn care tools, gardening supplies, extra seat cushions, water shoes – all of these and more can find a home in an outdoor storage chest. The handsome design of this large, teak wood storage chest by Barlow Tyrie looks great on any deck.

Have a Seat on Storage Seating Pieces

Wicker storage bench luxury outdoor living by hausers patio

If you are looking for outdoor furnishings that serve more than a single purpose, then a storage bench or even a storage ottoman is the perfect addition to your deck. This wicker Universal Accessories storage bench is a lovely piece and there is even a matching storage chest if you wish to buy the set. While you are at it, you may to read more about the differences between wicker and rattan in our article here.

Tommy bahama wicker storage ottoman luxury outdoor living by hausers patio

Also pictured is an Island Estate Lanai Storage Ottoman from the Tommy Bahama Outdoor Living collection. Topped with a plush cushion in your choice of upholstery fabric, the lid opens to reveal ample storage for extra outdoor pillows, reading material, kids’ toys and more. The all-weather synthetic material is woven into a timeless wicker design.

Bank on the Organizational Ability of a Buffet

Another great option for your deck – especially if you enjoy entertaining family and friends with backyard barbecues and cocktail hours – is an outdoor buffet. Just as it provides ample storage for your indoor dining room, an outdoor buffet is the ideal piece for holding dishes, glassware, napkins, seasonal serving pieces and flatware. Some buffets are specially equipped to handle all your cocktail accessories, with space for stemware, liquor bottles and all the accoutrements.

Tommy bahama blue olive console buffet table luxury outdoor living by hausers patio

The Blue Olive buffet/console table shown here is made by Tommy Bahama Outdoor Living. The all-weather material is woven into a handsome herringbone design and hand crafted for ultimate beauty and durability. There are many other pieces in Blue Olive collection; you could easily design your outdoor living space around this handy Blue Olive buffet.

We hope these 3 tips for organizing your deck will inspire you to clean and neaten your outdoor living room, creating a peaceful and relaxing atmosphere for you to kick back or entertain in style.

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