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We are seeing it more and more – designers are trending away from the staid comfort and soothing tones of gray and beige and leaning toward big, bold colors throughout our home spaces, both inside and out. As the pandemic winds down, we see a growing trend toward bright and beautiful spaces that bring joy and remind us of the outdoors. Based on the 2022 outdoor furniture color trends Sherwin Williams has published regarding 2022 palettes, here are our suggestions for turning your luxury backyard oasis into a comfortable and colorful space.

Palette Predictions: Sherwin Williams

Sherwin Williams has released their color predictions with a new collection they refer to as “MODE”, which stands for Method, Opus, Dreamland and Ephemera. The 2022 color collection from Sherwin Williams includes 40 hues divided into four different palettes. The colors are meant to be representative of a transitional period, such as the one we are facing as we begin to leave the pandemic behind and look forward to a society that resembles something of the former “normal.” Leaving the old and journeying forth into unfamiliar territory is represented by organic, earthy neutrals, deep, dusky tones, fantastic florals and bold colors inspired by mid-century modern design.

Outdoor Decorating with Bold Color

Ephemera Palette

This outdoor furniture color trends collection from Sherwin Williams features a dark, inky blue, deep mahogany red, buttery yellow and a mossy green paired with exciting neutrals such as Alabaster and Pink Shadow. The nostalgic combination of colors goes exceptionally well with midcentury modern outdoor furniture.

Brown Jordan Parkway cushion chairs Hausers Patio

To get the look, add a pair of chairs such as these Parkway cushioned chairs upholstered in a buttery yellow similar to Sherwin Williams’ Peace Yellow. The fruit in the bowl and the tree behind this seating arrangement are great examples of Basque Green. The clean lines of the chairs are reminiscent of classic midcentury modern style.

Opus Palette

The Opus Palette takes its cues from nature by incorporating deep, dusky tones accented by unexpected pops of bright color. The neutrals include a light cocoa brown, taupe-ish gray and dark green-gray. Accent colors include a gorgeous deep purple Blackberry, dusky coral and red clay. These hues pair well with opulent upholstery fabrics and metallic accessories.

Adirondack chairs Hausers Patio

To get the look of outdoor furniture color trends , choose one of the accent colors, such as these Adirondack chairs finished in a shade similar to Blackberry. The plant with crimson flowers lining the edge of the seating area provides a brilliant contract while the silvery water finishes off this lovely vignette.

Dreamland Palette

Both dreamy and bright, colors in the Dreamland Palette include a bright fuchsia named Dynamo paired with a slightly paler shade of rose and a light lavender. Warm combinations continue with Rosemary, a blueish green, Cucuzza Verde, an olive-toned green and Felted Wool as the green-based gray neutral. Sure to direct your thoughts to spring, these are strong yet gentle colors to incorporate in your backyard oasis.

Hausers Patio

To get the look, start with this Ashbee Sectional sofa with upholstery in hues resembling the Rose Tan, Rosé and Felted Wool colors of Sherwin Williams’ Dreamland Palette. This bold combination of muted bright hues is sure to revitalize your backyard.

These are the colors you need for a bright and fresh new year 2022 based on outdoor furniture color trends from Sherwin Williams.

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